Doing business in the Netherlands

Are you planning to live, work or do business in the Netherlands? You might have questions about how to start a business in the Netherlands and what does this involve? Or do you have a foreign business and wish to enter the Dutch market? Doing business in the Netherlands expands a company’s horizon and offers unique opportunities for growth and development. De Jong & Laan offers you advice and support through all the administrative and financial requirements and will advice you about all the 'ins and outs' and can anticipate to your requirements.

Many things to take into account

Our clients are principally medium-sized enterprises, ranging from family firms to companies operating internationally, representing virtually every brand. We are also happy to assist private individuals who require international tax and estate planning. We have 25 offices in the Netherlands providing nationwide coverage.

We provide a wide range of services relating to business in The Netherlands. We can help you with questions such as:

  • Which legal form is best from a legal and tax perspective?  
  • What obligations apply in the Netherlands?
  • If I hire a Dutch employee, which aspects do I need to consider from an employment law perspective?
  • How does salary processing and the corresponding payments work and who can arrange all this for me?

Our support

New international businesses launching in the Netherlands will be offered the necessary support to develop into a solid enterprise. De Jong & Laan's specialists know everything there is to know about working and doing business in the Netherlands, including:

  • Advise regarding the incorporation of Dutch companies, including (tax) registrations
  • Compiling and auditing annual accounts
  • Preparing and filing tax returns (corporate tax, VAT, income tax etc.)
  • Payrolling
  • International tax advise, including transfer pricing, setting up of international company structures and VAT
  • Advise regarding cross border employees (labor law, taxation, social security obligations).

We provide you with experience and knowledge of the latest state of affairs at local and international level. The de Jong & Laan specialist will help you structure, so you can focus on controling /managing your business.

Starting a business

There are many reasons for starting your business in the Netherlands. The Netherlands are one of the best countries for technology and innovation and are one of the most open economies in the world. Besides the Netherlands have;

  • an attractive tax climate for foreign businesses;
  • the Dutch tax system features several tax incentives to stimulate innovation and business activities;
  • outstanding infrastructure and Europe’s largest port;
  • internationally oriented country;
  • many highly educated and skilled workers.

As you can see the Netherlands has a competitive tax environment and a friendly business environment, but it can be difficult to overcome complex tax, legal and regulatory hurdles without a Dutch specialist.

Looking for a sparring partner?

Do you have a business in or are you about to start in the Netherlands? And need professional advice relating to international commerce? De Jong & Laan is happy to help you as a sparring partner in realizing your ambitions and growth in the Netherlands. Together we analyze your opportunities, we look at how you can limit risks and we give you financial and tax advice. 

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Your gateway to the global marketplace

As members of GGI, one of the top ten international accounting, consulting and law firm alliances, we are able to deliver the best possible advice on a global scale. Through GGI we have access to experts around the world who are able to give advice on local regulations, compliance and go-to-market strategies.

GGI’s broad international presence opens up a gateway to the global marketplace for both us and our clients. Through our GGI membership we have access to high quality firms in nearly every major financial and commercial centre worldwide. This remarkable facility applies whether you are looking for business opportunities beyond national boundaries, or need international support in addition to services in your home market. We are here to help and support your success wherever your business takes you.

Whitepaper transfer pricing

Do you supply goods and/or services within your group of companies? Then you are required to ensure that transactions are at arm’s length, and you will be applying Transfer Pricing. This is a subject that is attracting increasing attention both nationally and internationally.

Our specialists

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