Doing business in the Netherlands

If you are planning to live, work or do business in the Netherlands, you need the support of a good advisor. Someone with extensive experience who can guide you through all the administrative and financial requirements. Someone who knows all the 'ins and outs' and can anticipate your requirements.

Barry Wachtmeester
Barry Wachtmeester Senior belastingadviseur

Welcome to the Netherlands

De Jong & Laan's specialists know everything there is to know about living, working and doing business in the Netherlands, including:

  • Incorporating a private limited company
  • Tax liability
  • Social security obligations
  • Residency and immigration formalities
  • Working in the Netherlands


Our clients are principally small and medium-sized enterprises, ranging from family firms to companies operating internationally, representing virtually every field of enterprise. We are also happy to assist private individuals who require asset management advice. We have 25 offices in the Netherlands providing nationwide coverage. We are also a member of CPAAI, a global network of independent accountancy firms with over two hundred offices in more than seventy countries.


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Key services

De Jong & Laan specialises in: Accountancy, Tax consultancy,  HR consultancy,  Payroll accounting,  Corporate finance,  Business consultancy,  Secondment,  Subsidy consultancy,  Online services

International advisers

Our international advisors will be pleased to help you in English or German.