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Business plans in the Netherlands? - Doing business in the Netherlands

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Doing business in the Netherlands

If you are planning to live, work or do business in the Netherlands, you need the support of a good advisor. Someone with extensive experience who can guide you through all the administrative and financial requirements. Someone who knows all the 'ins and outs' and can anticipate your requirements.

Welcome to the Netherlands

De Jong & Laan's specialists know everything there is to know about living, working and doing business in the Netherlands, including:

  • Incorporating a private limited company
  • Tax liability
  • Social security obligations
  • Residency and immigration formalities
  • Working in the Netherlands


Our clients are principally small and medium-sized enterprises, ranging from family firms to companies operating internationally, representing virtually every field of enterprise. We are also happy to assist private individuals who require asset management advice. We have 25 offices in the Netherlands providing nationwide coverage. We are also a member of CPAAI, a global network of independent accountancy firms with over two hundred offices in more than seventy countries.

Key services

De Jong & Laan specialises in:

  •  Accountancy
  •  Tax consultancy
  •  HR consultancy
  •  Payroll accounting
  •  Corporate finance
  •  Business consultancy
  •  Secondment
  •  Subsidy consultancy
  •  Online services

International advisers

Our international advisors will be pleased to help you in English or German. Their contact details are shown opposite. 

Why de Jong & Laan?

  • 700Staff
  • 25Offices
  • 15.000 Satisfied clients

Tax consultancy

All de Jong & Laan offices have specialist tax consultants on hand in addition to our dedicated tax consultancy department in Nijverdal. Our staff know all there is to know about tax restructuring, VAT, wage tax and national insurance contributions, international tax law, pensions and estate planning. Most speak and write fluent English and/or German. All have access to an extensive international network and are therefore able to advise companies which operate internationally. Please contact Barry Wachtmeester or Daniël Mol for further information.


Accountancy is one of our traditional core activities. We provide accounting and bookkeeping support and compile, assess and audit financial statements. But our services don't end there. The financial statements often represent the starting point of the service we provide rather than our final product. We can help you to review your business performance and anticipate developments in your sector. Together, we will identify the most advantageous tax structure. And we also take your personal situation into account. Attention to forward planning in both the business and private sphere is a key element of our consultancy services.

Business consultancy

Our business consultants are true all-rounders who can provide an in-depth analysis of your operations and current business position. Their advice can prove invaluable in the general development of the organisation or in a specific business situation: the start-up phase, a period of hardship or the discontinuation of activities. Their specialist expertise covers areas such as business succession, mergers and takeovers, major capital expenditure and financing.

Human resources and payroll accounting

De Jong & Laan's HR and payroll consultants help you to meet all legislative and contractual obligations. They can draw up contracts of employment for your staff and investigate whether a collective labour agreement is applicable. They understand all aspects of health and safety at work legislation and can offer advice on the insurance cover required by your business. Our consultants are thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Dutch labour law and provide support and guidance in complicated dismissal and redundancy procedures. They also provide international payroll services and can advise on ways in which to minimise tax liability, for instance by means of a 'salary split' or by taking advantage of the 30% facility.

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